Friday, March 28, 2008

The Verdict Is: The University of Utah!!!

Today was the fateful day. Sami came running in holding a small envelope with the official stamp of the University of Utah School of Medicine on it. I was unbelievably dismayed, since both of the previous acceptances that I had received were packaged in large packet-like envelopes. So needless to say, the small envelope nearly broke my heart. But Sami was unphased and calmly prodded me to open the letter. So I said, "Well fine, you might as well do it." So she slowly opened the letter and read the words, "Dear Tyson, I am delighted to offer you a position in the August 2008 Freshman Class of the University of Utah School of Medicine."

I couldn't believe it!!! We are in!!! I was completely speechless and so was Sami. It was a huge answer to our prayers and is such an enormous relief. We will be staying in Utah for at least the next four years. So anyway, I just thought that I would post our great news. It is time to celebrate! Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and your prayers on our behalf. We are so grateful!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

So...Happy Easter to everyone! I know this is a day late...but it took some time to upload some photos from our recent trip to B.C. We had a blast! Between the butt whoopin' I received in golf and the stellar Ensign Easter egg hunt, to the Fran-tabulous Easter feast on Sunday, followed by another delicious dinner at the Jones'...we couldn't have asked for more. I think you will be able to tell that we absolutely had a great time.

Oh and there are some weird pictures on this slide show. Sorry, just ignore the time I was messing around with some of the settings on my camera and took some random photos. Sami just laughs at the fact that I am trying too hard to pick up photography as an amateur hobby. (I am still trying to get her to let me buy a nice new SLR camera...but no luck so far!) I decided to upload the weird photos anyway.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Second Medical School Acceptance

In the past week or so I was notified by the University of Iowa that I was accepted for their medical school entering class of 2008! This was fantastic news and we are very excited to begin to make our decisions about where we are going to end up for the next (at least) four years of our lives. We now have some options...U of I or Texas A&M. As I have been trying to think about where I would rather attend, I can't help but wish that the University of Iowa was located in Texas. I really loved interviewing at both of the one thing is is going to be an incredibly difficult decision. While technically Iowa is a better school (ranked consistently in the top 15 medical schools in the country), the weather in Texas is far and away better than the frigid cold of Iowa. And those are only two, fairly minor considerations we are going to have to be looking at in the next few weeks. But as for now we are just going to sit back and enjoy the ride a bit (or try to).
We are still waiting to hear from the University of Utah....a waiting game that has been giving me quite a bit of anxiety in the past few weeks. I keep hearing rumors about when we might hear, rumors which have resulting in me checking the mail at least four times a day....and my email even more. Anyway, what will be will be I guess...I just have to learn some patience and wait it out. Only time till tell.
For now, we are just very grateful and excited that we have been accepted to two fantastic medical schools, and we look forward to our decisions! And if you have any opinion about Texas or Iowa that could help us decide we would really appreciate them, (considering neither Sami or myself has spent more than 24 hours in either place)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baseball Season has Arrived!!! is here! We have waited all winter...a cold, wet, snowy winter. But baseball has returned! Cameron couldn't wait. He was just begging us to take him out to the ol' ball game. And though it was a little bit cold, he simply loved the whole experience (except for the three or four innings he was asleep). It was a great game, 5-4 BYU beat UVSC, who was somehow threatening to tie it up in the top of the ninth. Anyway, it was just the beginning of a long season, and you can bet that Cameron ill be at every game, cheering (or screamin') the Cougars on. He doesn't realize it yet, but he is destined to play the truly heavenly sport! I think it is time to get him a little glove and ball because we all know it is never too early to start.

Also, I thought I'd post some other pics of the little guy. I think he looks great in the glasses, even though they are a little big for him. Also the church clothes are pretty stylin' as well as his cool little snow hat.