Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cameron's Soccer Game

Cameron was a lot more aggressive this time. He was getting in there and running around. He seemed to be a lot better, now that it is his second time playing. He scored a goal and touched the ball several times.

 Layne and Jeannine came to support him. Here is Papa and Kennedy.

 Tyson is awesome and stepped up to be the soccer coach. He did a great job. It is a lot of work trying to get those four year olds going in the right direction.
 Giving them some instruction at half time.
 Kennedy loved playong with Papa on the side lines. She want pink shoes and shin guards.
Aunt Jenn also came to support Cam. Thanks so much! Plus she did a great job taking some pictures. I was in charge of subs and was having a hard time doing anything else.

Baby Number Three

Thought we should blog about baby number three on HER way. We are due August 23rd and expecting a little girl. Kennedy is super excited to have a sister. Cameron was hoping for a brother, but he will be just fine. He loves taking care of his little sister, so two will be great too!
We can't wait to meet her, I totally thought we were having a boy, so very surprised.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


 The much anticipated day came and went. The whole experience was pretty crazy. We were one of the few people that decided to bring our children. We are very glad all of us were there. They had all the envelopes in the front of the room with red tape. We had food and several people tried to talk, but I can't remember what one of them said. Then at ten they counted down, cut the ribbon, and Tyson went up and got his envelope.
 This is right before we tore open the letter. Pretty crazy that every medical student in the country was doing this at the exact same time.
 Found out we matched here in Salt Lake City at Primary Children's Hospital. We are so excited!
Cameron hanging out with his friend Abbey.  It was really fun to be with all of our friends that we have made over the last four years.

This picture is pretty embarrassing, but my friend took it right after we found out our good friends the Schmidt's are staying here too. We weren't expecting it so need less to say we were pretty excited!

Tyson and Jon with their letters. They are so excited to get to work together for three more years.  
 These are some of my dear friends we have made these last four years. Staci, me, Natalie, Melissa, Michelle, Natalie, and Stephanie. Don't know if we would of made it through medical school with out them. So excited for them and the places they are all going. Sad that we are all going so many different places, but hopefully we will still stay in touch. It's been awesome to have friends going through the same thing.
 Tyson with Dr. Stevenson and Kristin Randall (first-class mentors)
 Tyson announcing where he matched and putting his pin on the board. We are so proud of all the hard work he has done to get to this point.
 Some of Tyson's buddies from his class. (Tyson, Jack, Cody, and Chris)
 A family shot there at match day.
We also got a family shot outside while waiting for the shuttle. What a fun day. That night we got to go to dinner with all of our friends too, which was a blast. So grateful for all the wonderful people we have met.

Hike to the U (sort of)

 Since we had such a fun time hiking Ensign Peak we went to the U the following Monday. Not much of a hike. The walk up to the actual U was a little bit of a hike, but technically the sign said they were working on it and not to go up.
 Here is the view, much clearer than Saturday.
 We dragged the Cummings with us this time.
Coming down. The boys and kids still wanting to hike so they walked the shore line back toward our house and Staci Cummings and I drove the cars to pick them up. Nice day to just get out, glad we went.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hike up to Ensign Peak

 It was such nice weather here this weekend that we took full advantage if it. The kids were basically outside all day. It felt like spring, and got us way excited for warm weather. In the morning we went on a little family hike up to Ensign Peak. Just a small trail, but the kids loved it.
Here's Cameron's hiking dance.
 And Kennedy's.
 Oh cute, mommy and daughter picture.
 Silly Cameron.
 We had to get a shot with Tyson in it. (yes, Kennedy didn't walk long, should of brought the backpack. Good thing she's a lite weight).
 I thought this was such a cute picture of the munchkins.
 Eating a little snack at the top.
 Family shot.

 Kennedy jumping down the steps.
 Cameron thought they were perfect seats for resting, since his feet were getting tired.
True to form Kennedy did something just like her brother. She copies his every move, but still manages to be her own completely unique person. Love them both. What a fun little hike.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney on Ice Toy Story 3

 The kids were so excited to go to Disney on Ice. it was so fun to take them.
 As we were walking in we found our friends we were sitting with. The three of them held hands and started hoping around. Too funny!!!
 Kennedy loved the show. When the characters first came out she couldn't contain her excitement. She was moving all around. Kind of done after intermission, but overall she enjoyed it!
 Cameron was being so silly. If you can't tell he was a little excited. Our friend made the kids the cutest treat bags and several of his friends were there. Once it started he was mesmerized. At the end I think he was getting tired, but he sat there the whole time. We had a blast. Thanks Disney!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Ivy is here

 My sister Staci had her little girl Ivy Stanton. she was born on March 1st at 7:45p.m. She was six pounds 2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.she is adorable and if you can't tell from the pictures the kids are pretty excited for their new cousin.