Thursday, May 6, 2010


On one of the snowy days in the last couple of weeks, we went to the aquarium in Sandy. Cameron and his friend Hannah had a great time.

The new penguin exhibit is pretty sweet.

Looks like he is in the ocean!

They have cool tunnels for them to play in.

Cute Cam!

They were all about looking in here and it was completely empty. Silly kids! (once again Kennedy missed out because she was sleeping away, love that girl)

New Harmony

So, two weekends ago I went with my parents to New Harmony. My best friend and her family met us there at her parents house. We had a great time!

Kennedy hanging out in the baby doll stroller.

Cam pushed her for a few seconds, much longer than that and i don't know if she would be in one piece. He can be pretty rough at times.

Gaige and Eric on the bike.

Gramps (my dad) and Kennedy hanging out on the porch.

We went and hung out at the park. Brooklyn and cam loved this slippery slide.

Chanel and I with the baby lambs in the background. Cameron loved a weekend full of animals and friends. He was all about their mini pony Chili. He rode around on it, fed it, and talked about it non stop. It was hilarious because he went up to it and said, "hi, I'm Cameron and I'm going to ride you" It was quick, but fun to hang out with such good friends. Thanks for driving us down, mom and dad.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Landon & Kimi's Wedding

Tyson's brother, Landon got married on the 24th of April in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful day, and everything turned out very nice.

Cam hanging out by the temple.

Tyson and Cam

Jenn, Uncle Greg and Illene watched Cameron and Kennedy during the sealing.

Jessica is always such a great help with Cameron. He just loves her!

Here they are coming out of the temple.

Cam was so excited to give them a hi-five when they came out.

Landon and his mom.

Papa and Jenn

Jenn posing for the camera.

Papa and landon

The happy couple and Papa

Cool picture of the bride and groom

Cam and I had a little snack while waiting and Kennedy was taking a nap.

The Joneses (minus Kennedy sleeping and the bride and groom)

Cameron and Uncle Greg became quite the little buddies.

The luncheon was at the Lion's House. We told Cam that in the morning and it was all he could talk about. Good thing there's a statue of a lion out front otherwise I don't what we would of done. He kept saying, "I'm going to the Lion's House, kinda really scary"

So, this is sad, but every time we took pictures Kennedy was asleep, so we took one after the reception before we put her to bed. Poor girl, we do love you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Atempt at a Photo Shoot

Meeting Audrey Hull

On are way home from California we made a stop in Rancho and went out and visited the Hull's. They are so kind and let us crash there. It is fun to have kids so close together.

Here is Kennedy and little Audrey. They are already best buds!

Owen and Cam were just loving playing together. Owen apparently has a thing for boxes and it was too funny to not take a picture.

Here they are with ALL of the toys out of the box, and them inside. Thanks again for the fun, but quick visit!