Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

So, I am all about holidays. I just love to decorate and do fun things with the kids. We tried to do something fun everyday in February until Valentines. I just wanted to write them down somewhere so I can remember them for next year. Some of the things we did included; manilla envelopes on doors where I put the activity for the day in, a heart hunt (taped hearts up all over the kids room), heart cupcakes, made a picture with glued tissue pare, jello jigglers, made valentines, for family and friends(snow globes), gum ball machines, taffy candy, heart sponge paint, valentine veggie tale movie, heart puppet, and a heart scavenger hunt to find little gifts.
And of course I had to add a precious picture of these two.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hill Air Force Base

Family Pictures

Cameron and Kennedy's Birthday Bash

I may of went all out with the green and pink theme. But, I was pretty pleased how it turned out. This was the main table with pink and green candy for the guests to tale home in little to go boxes.

I also put pictures on it of them.

Staci also brought some cute things form her home to help spruce it up. Thanks!

Here is the food table. We had soups and bread.

I was pretty proud of my attempt to make nice cakes. Plus they were very yummy.

The presents table, two very spoiled children.

Cameron with his cute hat I made.

Kennedy in her hat. She only wore it for a second. Poor girl didn't feel very well, but she was still cute as could be.

The kids got such great gifts.

Kennedy stole the show with the clothes. She wanted to put all of them on. She loves clothes and talking on her knew cell phone.

Had to document his first glove and ball.

So excited about her knew coat.

Caeron right before he blew out his candle.

She was pretty excited for her cake. I think she liked everyone watching her.

It tasted pretty good too. Thanks again to everyone who came, we sure love our family. What big kids.

Kennedy is One

Where did the time go? She is already one. We just love our Kennedy. She is little Miss determined. She knows what she wants and you can't stop her. She is a lot more advenourous than Cameron ever was. She has no fear. I am constantly chasing her from climbing off the couch, chairs, and tables. She doesn't really play with toys as much as she climbs on them. She says a few words, but nothing on command. When you ask her to say something she looks at you as if she doesn't want to say that. She will give you five and blow a kiss (well she puts her hand over her mouth). She is usually very pleasant, a messy eater, and copies whatever cameron does. Some of the things she say:
Mom, dad, up, meow (cat), cam, bike, nana, on, off, and out.
her favorites: climbing on the little table, coffee table, chairs, aand couch.
pushing the vacuum, ans stroller (although she takes the baby out and tries to fit in the stroller.
pullling toys out and sitting in boxes, even when she clearly can't fit. Opening and pulling things out of all drawers.
Jumping in crib with Cameron and stuffed animals.
Trying to eat with a spoon.
Trying to color like brother.
Climbing up on the tool box to play with work bench drill, saw, and screw driver.
Kennedy is just the cutest little girl, she is always smiling and making us laugh. We love you!!

Cameron's Green Party

We got him a bike for his birthday. He had a hard time at first, but he has really gotten a hang of it now. It will be awesome when it is warm enough to go outside besides once every other week. He has gotten pretty good at riding it inside. We make a little path from the living room to his room and back and forth.

So, if you didn't already know green is Cam's favorite so we thought we would have a green birthday party. He was all about having a friend party, so we got the church and had some of the neighborhood kids come. It was a lot of fun!!

I thought it turned out pretty cute. I loved all the kids in the party hats. They were all asked to wear green. We had capri suns and mint in chip ice cream.

The best part was running around kicking green balloons.

Cameron was all about it!

We played a few games. Cameron, Kennedy, and I had been practicing all week. We played hot potato, musical chairs, and their favorite freeze dance. Oh, and red light green light at the end.

He had quite few friends come, it was a killer party!