Friday, September 30, 2011

Cameron is Playing Soccer

We signed Cameron up to play soccer. He has been so excited about it. It is pretty much adorable. He  just looks so grown up in his little uniform, shin guards, and cleats. His little friend Colton is playing on his team. He has had two games now and I don't know if the parents or the kids are enjoying it more.

 Here he is warming up with his coach. Thier team is Orange Crush. They play for 30 minutes, and basically warm up for just as long. They just run around and the coach tries to direct them. So funny!

 Here Cam is showing off his skills. He loves his knew green and black ball. Tyson told him it can only go on  the grass because it will get ruined on the sidewalk. Shortly after when they were playing pass Tyson kicked it on the sidewalk. You should of seen how concerned Cameron was for his knew ball. After checking it out he said, "but, it's okay dad, it's okay."
 Here he goes!!!
This was probably the high light of the first game. Right after he scored a goal (since he just happended to be cherry picking by the goal and the ball came). He kicked it a few times and then straight in, it was awesome! He was so excited!!!

The next game we had to talk about how it's okay if you don't score every game, and we need to not pick up the ball with our hands to line it up for the goal (may of tried that twice). All and all I think he is having fun, we still have some learning to do. Like not being upset when your team scores, because it wasn't you, and following the ball and not just wandering around. He seems to be getting the idea of the game better. We will see how the third game goes.
After the first week we asked him if he likes it and what his favorite part was and he said, "he didn't even know they were going to get a snack at the end". So take it for what it's worth.
GO CAMERON (Kennedy says this over and over on the sidelines)

peach days

 So my family is all about peach days in Brigham City (BC). It has become the thing. This year we didn't mess around and we went pretty big. Since my grandparents 80th birthdays are both this year with in a few months we had a huge birthday peach day celebration. All my extended family came up for the event, except for a few in Arizona (we missed you). But, most of us were here from everywhere. Pretty impressive. Some went to the peach queen pageant, boating, 10K, Zoomba (with Jenn), parade, and then the birthday bash!
Here is our family shot at the girls home. We are just playing adorable in our peach day shirts. 
After boating and making shirts and a banner the fun started with the parade.
 Staci and Kennedy at the parade.
 Allison and Emmie also watching the parade.

One of the peach kids getting enjoying her creamie at the parade.

When there was a break in the parade several of my cousins and I grabbed this banner and ran in the parade in front of my grandparents. It was classic, and pretty much awesome. I think Aunt Debbie almost cried.

Sisters showing off our shirts. Staci's said future peach queen on her belly, the kids had peach kid on theirs, and then my parents were pretty embarrassing.  My dad's said, "I'm all about the peaches" and then my mom's had two peaches on her breasts. I know what do you do. We have been talking about shirts for a few years, but we really did it. So fun!

After the parade we headed to the girls home for the birthday bash. It was all about the giant slip and slide (out of billboards), food (especially peach cheesecake), and dancing. The Rollins just love to dance. Great entertainment!
 Cameron loved the slip and slide, he was so brave.
 Kennedy was a little unsure, but since Miley wanted to go with me mom also took Kennedy down. It was way fun. Faster than I expected, totally collided a few times.
 Cohen on the slide.

Grandparents loving life!!!

 Happy 80th Grandma and Grandpa Rollins. We love you!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


 Some friends of mine are taking turns teaching preschool. My friend has a room in her backyard that we turned into a preschool. It is pretty much awesome. Cameron is loving every minute of it. He looks so grown up in these pictures.
 Kennedy had to wear a backpack just like her brother to go to Mae Mae's house while I taught the fist two weeks.

 Cute cake Michelle made for snack, pretty awesome!
Two if his classmates Mae and Abbey, I'll get some better pictures of the room and post them soon.

More Idaho Pictures

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Fun

 Random pictures from this summer that were on our other camera. We just love the zoo this summer. The dinosaurs were awesome. Cameron wanted to take everyone to see them.
 Kennedy also enjoyed them.
 Cameron, Evie, Lola, and Nathan.
 Kennedy and I joined the mix.
 Makayla also came one day.
 Love Cameron in this picture.

 Kennedy playing on the bridge.
 Staci also came on day.
 Don't forget about Daddy.

Cousin Miley also came.
 Cameron and his friend Zane.
 Naomi and Mckoy.

 Jen and Jeannie ran another half.
 My cousins Holly and Kim ran the marathon.
 Kim finishing strong with her sister Emily running along.

 Lots of visits to the BC pool. This time with Owen, Audrey, and Miley.
 Watched Moroni be put on the temple. Cameron was all about it, even in the rain and with the delay.

 Kennedy and I at Seven Peaks.
 Friends at the pool.
Kennedy wanted to wear her suit everyday, who needs summer clothes.