Friday, October 21, 2011

Seattle Continues

Friday morning we headed to the Arboretum, near their house for a run/walk. It is so beautiful, so green and trees everywhere. We loved it!

 The bridge was especially cool.
 The kids loved the little "hidden" playground.
 Pure joy!
 Running across the bridge.
 Landon and Kimi on the bridge.
 Here's the gang.
Right after she went exploring in the forest with Papa and Daddy.
 This kid loves the outdoors and he's all about finding a good stick. After the Arboretum we headed home for homemade waffles and syrup (mouth still watering from the goodness, thanks Kimi). We got ready for the day and headed out to Snoqualmie Falls. It was a little hard to see the waterfall at the top, but it was a little clearer at the bottom. We didn't stay long because it was a little chilly, but it was still awesome!

 Family shot.
 Kimi, Landon, and baby Olivia.
 Jenn, Kennedy, and me.
 All I can say is, like father like daughter.
 The boys picture (I mean men). Tyson with his dad and brother.
 The girls, much cuter. J/K
 Then, Cameron had to get in the boy shot action.
Tyson's parent's, Layne and Jeannine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seattle Adventure

Wednesday night we headed to Seattle to visit Kimi and Landon. We drove all night and got there Thursday morning. Tyson's parents rented a van so we could all fit (our family, Tyson's parents, and Jenn). We were all so excited to see Landon, Kimi , and Olivia.
 Cameron was so excited to hold his sweet cousin Olivia. He just loves her so much. Just today he was telling his friend how cute she is. I think the feeling is mutual, because Olivia watched him the whole time he was around.
 Kennedy had to have a turn too. She tries to be so mothering already.
 After we had fish and chips downtown and did some shopping (yeah for Tyson's knew suit), we went to a park near by. Jenn was cracking up on this contraption with Kimi.
 Landon and Kennedy posing so cute!
 Jenn and Layne on the swings.
 They had this really cool zip tie swing that Cameron couldn't get enough of. He just loved it. I was very impressed at how brave he was on it. Kennedy enjoyed it to, she loves a good thrill.
 Sweet Olivia in her car seat. She is just growing up do fast.

 Kimi and Olivia on the swing.
Here he is loving life.
 Crazy kids, we don't know them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

9 stitches

 Poor little girl fell at wheeler farm and hit her lip on one of those old tractors.
 She got three stitches inside her mouth and 6 outside.

 Since she is so young and such a fighter she had to be sedated. It took them three times to get her an IV. The nurse tried both hands, so then the IV team had to come. She was a pretty good trooper, through out the whole thing. She just had so many cords and looked way out of it.
We hung out at the hospital all day, since she ate right before it happened and for sedation they have to wait four hours with no food or drink. Cameron was so great, he loved the toys, lunch with dad, and the variety of shows they play.
While she was being sewn up Cam and I went to the cafeteria, but Tyson said she was such a fighter even during sedation. She was arching her back and biting down. They kept having to make sure her airway was clear, but they did it!
Here she is enjoying her Popsicle after coming out of it a little. Don't worry she already got one of the inside stitches out, before we left the hospital. Hopefully we can keep the rest in for awhile. We love this little girl so much, and hope that this is the last trip to the ER, but fear with her love for climbing and determination it may not be. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crafting Blog

So my sisters and I have been talking about this forever, but we seriously did it. We finally started a craft blog. Please come and check it out. When you get there click on the follow us link, so you can see all the knew cute things we are up to. It is going to be awesome!!!


 Last week we went on two hikes. On Friday we hiked to Donut Falls. We love this hike. It is very family friendly.
 Still a little chili in the morning, but warmed up on the way back.

 Don't worry we ate donuts and our packed lunches when we got there.
 Pretty sweet picture of the falls taken by Mr. photographer.
 Dad and the munchkins

 Tyson hiked up and almost gave me a heart attack, but he did get some cool pictures.
 There goes our climber.
 Tyson and Kennedy. She loves going in the backpack, for the most part. She walked at the very end. When I showed her the picture, she said, "me follow daddy"
Then for family night we went on a little hike with our friends up Mount Aire

 Family Shot before it got to dark on us.
 Cameron had a stick the whole time and collected leaves.
Here's the two hikers, too bad Tyson had to carry him the whole way down. Love the fall leaves changing. So pretty!