Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to the World Little Cameron!

Cameron's Album
Well, a little unexpectedly and about 10 days early, Cameron Jones was born on January 7th, 2008!!! Here is a short album of some of the pictures we have taken so far! Much more to come later!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Okay, so this has been pretty ridiculous. It has been like three months since we have posted anything. Apparently we were still stuck on Halloween. But actually quite a bit has happened in the past couple months, including a last minute BYU win over Utah for the second straight year, and a final second BYU win over UCLA in the Vegas Bowl on a blocked kick. (I guess you kind of get the hint as to what we have been so busy with) ha ha.

Things have been fantastic though the past month or so. We spent Thanksgiving in Idaho with my family...they decided to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was great seeing everyone, and the cousin gift exchange was way fun. Also, my cousin Megan got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Jordan, so that was exciting. Sami is still pregnant, and getting huge!!! Well, okay, so everyone that sees her thinks that she isn't due for another six months because she is pretty tiny. But believe it or not, little baby Cameron could come now at any moment. Technically she is due January 17th, but our bags are packed, the crib is up and ready and the Hospital is practically on alert. We are really excited, but admittedly very nervous as well. It should be quite the crazy experience coming soon. We will post pictures as soon as we can!

Other than that, school got really busy finishing out the semester. But I survived finals and ended up doing great. I haven't got my grades back yet, but I am hoping for another semester of straight A's. Sami has been trying to finish up 8 weeks of class lesson plans for her long term sixth grade sub. She gets six weeks off after she has the baby, but is planning for 8 weeks just to be safe. I have one more semester left at BYU, and then it is on to medical school somewhere. We haven't heard from any other med schools yet, so as of now we are planning on going to Texas A&M. We are very excited for that as well. (Basically 2008 is going to be full of crazy changes in all of our lives)

So now that the new year has started, we have decided to begin anew and post much more often. (We know that there are sooooo many of you that read this anyway) ha ha.
Hopefully 2008 will be as great as 2007 has been!

P.S. Christmas was awesome! I got a new ski helmet to go along with my Birthday present (a Sundance ski pass), and the Rollins gave us a new video camera. So hopefully I can figure out how to post some videos soon.