Monday, March 30, 2009


For spring Break 09 we went to California. It was a blast. It was a nice break. Thanks for all those that let us crash with them. We truly had a great time.
We went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana (The Cube)

Sheri and I in the ocean

Cam riding the Dinosaur, telling us something.

Cam at the weather station ready for the rain. He wouldn't leave the rain hat on.

Beach day. We love the beach! Cam ate like half of it. What do you do?

Tyson got a wet suit from Ben and went boarding all day and then the next morning.

Dana Point

On our way to Rancho we went to Dana Point for fish and chips.

Family Photo

The gang. Thanks for letting us visit Wards. We can't wait for Baby Ward to arrive.

Then we got to spend some time with the Hulls. Owen and Cam had a great time. Their house is amazing (we didn't get a picture). We also hung out with Cody and Allison. Fun times in California.

On our way home we stopped at the Blaquieres. Cam was oyr very own Davey Crockett.

Welcome Home


Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures...Mostly of Cam of course

Here are a bunch of pictures of Cameron..and a few of us. (Just click on them to make them bigger)
Here's Cam taking some notes. I guess he sees me doing this a little too much these days.

We decided to build a fort in our living room last week for FHE. Turns out, that Cam really didn't care too much about the fort and spent most of the time playing with the DVDs in our TV stand. But like good parents, we forced him to play a little bit in (and on) the fort too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute Cameron

Oh the joy of a balloon!!!


Tyson went snowmobiling with my dad in Brigham. They had a good time!

Discovery Zone

We have loved going to Discovery Zone at the Gateway.

He especially loves the mirrors in the grocery store where he can see himself.

The sorting of the food is also very fun.