Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Cousin Megan's Wedding

We spent this past weekend in Southern Idaho, at my cousin Megan Harris' wedding. It was great to see all of my extended family and to be there to support Megan and her husband Jordan on their day. The wedding was beautiful, and she looked very pretty. It was an outdoor wedding at a nice reception center that backed up to the Snake River. Jordan's former Bishop conducted the service. We had a great time and can't wait to see them all again in a few weeks in McCall, ID for my other cousin Nicolle's wedding.

Oh yeah, this is Cameron going green! Needless to say, he was thoroughly entertained by these giant trees. He wouldn't stop reaching for them ...and yes...he ended up with one or two...or maybe ten of the leaves in his mouth. But hey, the kid has to learn sometime.

Anyway, he was quite the little monkey...until, we took the leaves out of his mouth....and Cameron was sad:(

Karate Kid

Had to post this picture. Don't mess with Kung Fu Cameron. Funny kid!

Growing Up So Fast

Barley Cereal...Before


...and After!

Well, he seems to really like it. Although, I think most of it ended up all over his hands, cheeks and high-chair. He has since moved on to both rice cereal and liquified carrots. Carrots were quite the treat...and we ended up finding little bits of orange food all over the kitchen the rest of the day. And the faces he makes as he tries to swallow....well...priceless!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wake Surfing at Willard

Thank Heaven for smooth water, breathtaking sunsets, boats, boards and great company!

Hooray for 4th of July Party in B.C.!

So it has basically become a tradition now that we spend the fourth sprawled out on the lawn in front of Don and Fran's house in B.C. ooooing and aaaaawing at the spectacular fireworks display crackling in the clear, dark sky above us. This year, the party included an all-day boating-fest at Lake Don-away (Matua), followed by competitive lawn games and juicy BBQ in their backyard, and finished off with a sky full of fireworks. Fantastic! Cameron decided to start drinking water out of our cup like a puppy, Landon went all gangster, Jason did a Navy Seal dive out of the side of the boat, and Staci and Tyler got engaged! There were so many unforgettable moments, and it was great everyone together. Thanks to all those who made this year so special and we look forward to many more to come.

Cam's New Toy

Kid to Kid rocks! Regularly $70+...Kid to Kid price: $19! Sweet deal for an item that will entertain our little one for who knows how many hours. Cameron has seriously been loving his new Excer-saucer. It has all kinds of little toys on it and it swivels around one of it's three legs. So we put it in the kitchen and Cam scoots and walks all around. Then he jumps up and down and flails his arms in a fit of excitement overload, all-the-while screamin for joy at the top of his VERY healthy lungs. Man I love this kid....I mean how could you not. But he's getting huge...and a bit pudgy in the face. But what a head of hair.We call him our little Conan O'Brien. I don't know...you be the judge.

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