Monday, August 20, 2012

Millions of Peaches

 Loving our peach tree. We already made several jars of jam and cut up to huge bags of sliced peaches.

Ice Block

 I saw this on pintrest, so we had to try it. Especially with shark week. We just froze a bunch of his ocean creature toys in a big block of ice and they loved hammering them out. Pouring salt on it was also very thrilling. Kennedy didn't last long, but loved playing in the pool. Cameron thought it was awesome, so currently dinosaurs are being frozen and they are planning to do it again while Grandma is watching them.

Movie Night

 The other night we turned our basement into a movie theater. Tyson and Cam went to the library and picked a movie. We made movie tickets and three other tickets to buy a drink, popcorn, and candy. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it. We had previously made cars boxes (Finn and Holly) so they watched it in those.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cameron riding his Bike

This happened awhile ago, but we thought we should document it! So proud of him.

Thanksgiving Point

Don't worry we were one of the people (along with all of Utah) That went to the two dollar Tuesday's in August last week at Thanksgiving Point. We have always wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum, so we went. Despite all the people I think that we had a pretty good time.
 In the Discovery Room

 Cameron said, " he was really good, but Kennedy wasn't that good." When he turns five he wants a drumming set for his birthday. We'll see if he forgets about that one. (crossing my fingers)
  Layne and Jeannine also came, thanks for meeting us there. The kids were so happy to see you.

Shark Week

 If you didn't know it is shark week on the discovery channel this week. To say that Cameron is excited about it is and understatement. The kid loves it. The whole time it's on he talks non stop about the shark and how big he is, etc. etc. It was great timing though, because he started to tear up when he found out the Olympics were ended. The next day he said it was okay, "because this week is shark week."
 We went to the library and got a few shark books to read up on. The kid knows all the different kind of sharks and quite a few facts about them. Just ask him.
 We also made a sign to hang up. (of course)

 This is the kids being a shark in front of the books. Naturally Kennedy is excited about it too, just because Cameron is. But, she doesn't really watch it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We have loved watching the Olympics. We were pretty sad when it came to an end. We even made the rings and had them on display the two weeks. Then we each picked a country and kept track of their gold, silver, and Bronze medals. It was lot of fun. Cameron choose the United States and Kennedy was Italy.

Then we also had a fun Mini Olympics BBQ in the backyard, with the Weddle's, Stanton's, and Papa and Grandma. The competition started with the javelin, followed by dribbling and shooting the soccer ball.

Then, they swam across the kiddy pool (it was a long swim)

Followed by some gymnastic skills. A somersault on the Pilates mat and a few jumps on the trampoline.

Then, it was on to basketball.

Lastly, and probably my favorite part they all ran around the backyard with their flags that they made.

Brooklyn and Gaige totally collided. Pretty funny. They are tough kids and were just fine.

We then had a medal ceremony where they each received a gold medal and a boutique of licorice flowers.
GO USA!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Greg Simpson Band

 We have been loving seeing my dad's band play lately. Cameron and Kennedy love to dance and stay up late to see him. Cameron wouldn't stop dancing this last time. It was so funny. We love being groupies for the Greg Simpson Band.