Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute Kids

Hooray Boards are done Tyson is Back

So, Tyson finished the boards Wednesday, so we packed Thursday with family fun. We went on a little hike to Donut Falls in the morning and then in the evening we met my parents and went to the Bee's game. We are so glad our dad is back.

Tyson with the kids!

Cameron playing in the water.

Me and Kennedy

Cam was all about the Donuts!

Lovely, but you got to.

Nice one Tyson

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brigham City Train

So, every year they have train safety day to get the public more aware about the danger of train tracks. You get to ride the train for free. So we made a day of it. We had quite the group, I think 17 of us total.

Cameron is all ready to go in his new shirt from Grandma.

Grandpa Rollins, my mom, and Kennedy.

Cameron's second cousins Will, Kellen, and Thomas. These boys are just too cute! Cameron follows them around and just loves playing with them.

Gramps and Cam

Cameron and I riding the train (backwards)

My mom and Kennedy on the train, I have no idea what is up with the face Kennedy is making.

So, there was 17 of us in all that went. Here is a bunch of Val's grandkids (my cousins kids)

Grandma Ford volunteers at the Brigham Depo and was so excited for Cameron to come inside and see all the train things, They played with Henry on the track together.

Cute Kenndy in the new stroller

Cam is so spoiled, Grandma Ford bought him a little engineer hat, and them Grandma and Gramps got him a little black train. It was such a fun day. He loved it!!!

World Cup

This is a little late since I am so behind on posts, but we have been all about the World Cup. Tyson reads everything online and we watched the friendly games and everything. To get in the spirit we had a world cup party with a few of are neighbors and family. We watched the first USA game all together against England. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but I had to talk about it in our blog, so we could remember it. Cameron and I made a red, white, and blue banner to go across the window, we have an on going bracket on the fridge, we had yummy food, and red, white, and blue play dough for the kids to play with during the game. Anyway, we have been big world cup fans and have watched about 95% of the games (got to love TIVO on fast forward) GO USA!!!!

Kilby's Farm

Before Megan got married we went up to Brigham to hang out on my mom's day off, and Megan's fiance (now husband) showed us around his farm. Cam loves animals so he was very excited.

Here is the baby kittens

Kennedy enjoyed it too!

Yeah, for animals!!

My mom loved having Cam come visit.

Hanging Out with Daddy

Tyson has been studying so hard for the Boards. So, the time we get to spend with him is so precious. The kids love it when he is home. The other day Cam was sitting on the rocket ship outside on the playground and I asked him where he was going. He replied, "to study". Just a glimpse of what has been going on around our house.

Here's our cute little girl, who is getting so big!

Fun with Daddy!!!

Kennedy just loves her daddy!

Flying Kites with Papa and Dad