Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Pumpkin's

It wouldn't let me post our pumpkin so I had to do it separate. We did a pirate theme.

Pumpkin Carving

This is our third annual pumpkin carving contest. We had a lot of fun! Thanks Ben and Sheri for hosting.

Jamie was a very good carver.

Dan brought his power tools to carve. Candace and little baby Eisley are watching in the background.

It was a pretty intense competition.

The Brandt's made theirs into a baby.

This is Tyler holding Staci's butt.

The Pendleton's made a pumpkin where it's brains are coming out of its head. Plus somethings coming out of its mouth.

Ben and Sheri made FIRE

The Tiek's carved a Dwight head. Pretty Funny!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tagged Twice

This is about me and my cute husband...

1. What is his name? Tyson Layne Jones, Tys, or Ty

2. Who eats more? Tyson-for sure. But he also eats a lot faster then me. He has seconds while I am still finishing.

3. Who said I love you first? Tyson did in California. It was precious.

4. Who is taller? Tyson, most are.

5. Who is smarter? Man, I wish I could say me, but the kid studies like crazy and wants to be a doctor, so probably him.

6. Who is more sensitive? Oh I win that one hands down.

7.Who does the laundry? I do. Monday laundry day.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are standing at the foot of the bed looking at it, Tyson does.

9. Who pays the bills? I do. (Tyson is trying to let me handle the finances)

10. Who cooks more? I usually do, but poor Tyson has to endure the same meals. What do you do? Oh, he usually makes breakfast when we have a big breakfast.

11. What meals do you cook together? I guess breakfast. Tyson has a hard time cooking with me because I make a mess everywhere.

12. Who is more stubborn? We both are in our own ways. I might be a little more. I call it independent.

13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? Tyson, he is always good at that.

14. Who has more siblings? We both have two siblings.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Cameron rules our house.

16. What do you like to do together? We love to watch our shows together (office, and house). We also love sports and pretty much everything. We love doing things together as a family.

17. Who eats more sweets? Definitely me. I have to have some kind of candy everyday. But, I'm bringing Tyson to the dark side.

18. Guilty pleasures? Chocolate for sure. Plus I also have all these ideas and projects always going on. (Tyson thinks I'm crazy)

19. How did you meet? We meet in DT freshman year at BYU. We dated winter semester before he left on his mission. Then we wrote every week while he was gone (cute). We got married when he got home. I know a success story (it happens!)

20. Who asked who out first? Tyson, but I thought he liked my friend so it took me awhile to clue in.

21. Who kissed who first? Well, we kissed each other, duh.

22. Who proposed? Tyson did. He took me to our first date. (Park City Main Street). He proposed at the Family History Center. Our initials were carved into the big tree (kind of it was paper). It was very creative and sweet.

23. His best features? Well he is cute in every way. I love that he is always cares how I feel about things. He is always worrying about Cameron and I and wanted to spend time with us. He is very thoughtful and supportive. Plus he always makes me laugh.

24. What is his greatest quality? I would probably have to say how focused he is. Whatever he is doing he always gives it all his attention and does his very best job. He loves to work hard.

25. Tag? Sheri, Staci Rollins (soon to be Stanton), and Lindsey Abbott

Second Tag:
I am supposed to tell you 6 quirks about myself. Well I'm kind of a quirky person so here we go.

1. I love to be busy. So I always make these to do list with everything I can think of on them and I try to get it down as fast as I can. I just love the feeling of crossing things off.

2. I am a very sensitive person. I cry all the time. Sometimes I don't even know why I'm crying.

3. I have a thing for rocks. It started when I was younger. They used to have to pry me from the rock and mineral store in the mall (I know nerd alert)

4. I can't roll my tongue, snap with my right hand, or wink. I have issues.

5. I am horrible with directions. I always get lost. I just am kind of absent minded and need to pay better attention.

6. I can't sleep with socks on. It just doesn't happen.

Pumpkin Time

So Saturday evening we were sitting around trying to figure out something to do for the night. Sami suggested that we go to Wheeler Farm to see the pumpkin patch. Glad we did, because Cam had a blast and we got some really cute pictures. He even got to wear his little farmer overalls.

Still BYU fans

Well, despite the sad, sad game this week, we remain true blue (emphasis on BLUE). Thursday was not a good day for the Cougars, as TCU completely dismantled us in a turnover filled 32-7 rout. But alas, maybe they can still salvage their season. As for us we will continue rising and shouting whenever we get the opportunity, and Cameron will continue to don his little BYU football shirt (thanks Cody and Lainie). Go Cougars!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Usborne Book Party

Just a Reminder
My kick off book party is Wednesday October 15th at 7:30. I would love to see you. I hope you can make it. Any and all are invited. It's a PARTY!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Shout Outs

Cameron is nine months old CRAZY!! We had his check up today. He is just a little guy (what do you expect).

Height: 26.5 inches
Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz

He's in the 4% , but he is healthy and very happy. He still doesn't have teeth but he loves to eat. He was so brave. He got a shot and didn't even make a peep. So proud!

Naked Boy!

He would not stay still while I was changing his diaper and getting him ready for bed. Look at the mess he made in a few seconds.

Happy 9 months to Brooklyn as well. (Cam's twin)

Mother and Daughter

Last shout out goes to Staci and Tyler. The count down is officially on. One month until the big day. I can already hear the wedding bells.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My New Crazyness

So, those of you that know me know that I always have these ideas. Well I am really excited about my latest. I recently became a consultant for Usborne Books. It's a company that sells educational books. They are very good quality and very cute. Anyway I think it is so important that we read to our children and have good books in our homes (teacher coming out). So I am kicking this new business off with a party at my house October 15th at 7:30 pm- 9:00pm. Any and all are invited. Please come and check it out. You can also order online. Anyway, I'm way excited!!

Check out my website at It is also linked on our blog.

My Mom's 50th Birthday

Last Sunday was my mom's 50th birthday (I mean 29). We all went up to celebrate the big day.

Here we all are, PARTY!!

She was really excited about the coco.

Sheri and Staci got her a purse (they didn't talk about their presents)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A few weeks ago we went up the Logan Canyon (sardine) and here are some of the beautiful pictures.

Cute pictures of Cam

All Cameron wants to do is walk around the house.

Him and his matching buddy Cohen.

My laundry helper

It's to heavy to carry both from the dryer, so I put him in with the dry clothes.

He loves his toy box.

Boy, does he think he is cute.