Monday, August 15, 2011

Check Out Cam's New Talent

It is pretty impressive. Tyson would sing it to him and he just practiced it over and over again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hulls

Our last stop on the way home was by my cousin Holly's and her family. We grew up together and our kids are both very close in age. It was so fun to spend some time with them.

Owen and Cameron played in the pool and jumped on the trampoline. They have so much fun together. Another little boy came over (Jackson) and all three of them were having a blast!

Here's our precious little girl. I didn't get any pictures of Audrey, she was asleep and then I guess we put the camera away. They are going to be little buds too.

Kennedy and I outside enjoying the outdoors.

We love having great family and for all the fun times! It was great way to end the trip and make the trek home.

Visitng the Weddles

We went out and spent Sunday evening with Chanel, Eric, Brooklyn, and Gaige. It was fun to let the kids play and talk. Dinner and company were great!

Brooklyn was so cute with her bunny (Ashely). She got her out and let all the kids play with her.

Everyone on the couch!

Eating dinner.

They started playing ring-around-the-rosie and swinging each other around. Cameron and Brooklyn warmed up to each other again right when we were getting ready to leave. They were laughing so hard and having a great time!

Kennedy and Gaige just copied their older siblings and were holding hands and running too!

This is what happens when you don't want to hold hands with Gaige. He totally pushed her down, but she's tough and her mom and dad were laughing to hard to comfort her.

These kids have such a good time together, plus it was good to see Chanel and Eric. Always a good time!

Sunset Pictures on the Beach

California Adventure

Sheri and Miley went to California Adventure with us.

Miley and I on the caterpillar ride in Bug's Land. She was all about me this trip. It was so fun to be such a loved Aunt!

Tyson and Kennedy rode together! Cameron had watched the ride on their website, so he was all about it!

We had to see the Disney Junior Show. Cameron, Kennedy, and Miley were way into it!

Cameron got to drive his own car!

Meeting Buzz Lightyear!

Miley was hilarious, she was so worried Buzz and the princesses were going to take her shoes. Not sure where she got that idea.

Cameron ready for the Toy Story Ride!

World of Color was amazing. We were grateful we drug our kids to it at 10:15p.m. Plus they all slept through it. So win, win!

Sea World

At the hotel they were wearing mine and Tyson's glasses and cracking us up.

The kids were also very excited to go to Sea World. Most of all Cameron wanted to go see the Sharks. So we headed there first thing. They have this cool moving sidewalk where the sharks swim right over your head. We were all very much into it. Cameron has been on quite the shark kick and lucky for us it is Shark week on Discovery, so we have watched a segment on Ultimate Air Jaws probably 100 times.

They have this fun Seasame Street Land with rides and things for kids.

Kennedy on the Elmo ride. She loves Elmo.

Cam was so excited he was tall enough to do some of the big kid things.

Here he is jumping!

Kennedy and her Daddy.

Cameron and Tyson on the Elmo ride.

The sea turtles were really neat!

We went to most of the shows. It was fun to do something completely different than Disneyland in that way. We loved the Shamu, Dolphin, and Sea Lion and Otter Shows.

Sitting on the Sea Turtle Statue.

Cameron had a fun time climbing in this with Tyson!

Beach Fun

We spent a few days at the beach, I mean you've got to, right!!