Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cameron's Blessing

Today was Cameron's blessing! He actually made it through the whole thing without crying or screaming like a spider monkey. It was so fun to have so much family support. I think we filled the enitre chapel with just Jones' and Rollins'. Cameron has no idea how much he is loved (or what a crazy family he was born into). After the blessing we had everyone over for muffins, fruit and juice. What a mad house. Thanks Steve and Allison for letting us invade your house yet again. It was loads of fun and we feel so blessed. Thanks to everyone that came. (and we missed those of you who couldn't)
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Furrrrocious little bear!!!

We just had to post this picture of our little bear. Cameron is growing like it is going out of style and has started to smile alot. He is over ten pounds now and is almost two months old. It has been a crazy two months, but amazingly fun. (Although we do miss our sleep...two to three hours at a time just doesn't cut it) Well, we'll post more pictures and info soon.
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