Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

Thanks to all those who made it a special day for me. I have always had a love for mother's day because I was born on Mother's Day. I'm thankful for all the mother's in my life. My mother is amazing and i am so thankful for her. I also have a wonderful mother-n-law who is always helping us and supporting our family. My kids and husband are so sweet and I'm glad I could be the world's greatest treasure to Cameron (he told me it a dozen times Sunday, I know it is from a book we read, but it is still so sweet.) Cameron was also insistent he give me his fish game, so we could play it together.

Camping at Sand Hallow

After spending the weekend in St. George. We headed to the Allison's family cabin in Enoch, where the kids couldn't get enough of the farm animals. Then, it was on to the true adventure of our trip. Camping with four young children for two nights at Sand Hallow. Everything worked out great. The kids did well (Kennedy wasn't great the first night, as to be expected), weather was awesome (could of had warmer water 55 is a little chili, but still fun), food was great, and we just had a blast!

Can you tell Kennedy and my mom are having a good time.

What a sweet picture of Cohen. He is such a good kid.

The three munchkins, mostly the boys and Kennedy thinking she is as big as them.

On our way to the lake.

Oh, how we love the Moomba. It was a good first ride of the season.

Cool picture of the run away child.

Tyson getting a little too much sun and some camera time.

Can you tell my dad was having a good time.

All the kids loved the giant sandbox. I swear Cameron couldn't get enough of it, and Kennedy kept looking at me like, you are okay with this. This is awesome.

Here's the beach stud. The sand was so soft, it was just perfect.

Here's the happy girl.

Sandcastle masterpiece made by Steve and Ryan, oh and Tyson helped out too.

K, Cameron is a little pyro. He couldn't get enough of the fire. As we were looking at pictures of the trip on the computer, he wanted to see if we had one of the plates burning. He was really in to it.

Pure concentration.

And the lovely tent (that Kennedy slept in) while we were in the tent trailer. We are good parents I swear, but it is true.
Can't wait until next time, trip success!!!!

St. George Fun

Tyson had the last two weeks off!!! We had so much fun!!! The first week we just did things around here with the kids; discovery gateway, the zoo, jungle gyms, sugar house park, and lots of errands. The second week we took off to St.George. We stayed in a hotel with Tyson's parents while Layne (father-n-law) was scoping out the bike trail for his triathlon. We ate out, swam in the pool several times, went to the park, walked around the temple, went to church, and walked around the narrows. The weather was awesome and the kids did great! It was such a fun time.

Cameron loved smelling the flowers. He is such a goof. This is after he repeatably hit the bush with a stick he found at the park "killing it" in his words.

Daddy helping them down the temple stairs. They both loved playing on them, we couldn't get them off.

What a sweet girl. Or as Cameron pronounces it gerl.

She always makes us laugh. This only lasted for about a minute and them she of course was determined to climb in with the flowers and lick them.

Cameron became brave and went down all the slides at the park in St. George. Don't worry Kennedy also goes down all of them. She is one, but thinks she is four. She climbs right up to them and goes down. Usually falling, but getting right back up. She has no fear and is a very determined little thing.

Can I just say that if you haven't spent a lot of time with our children they are very loud and Cameron will talk your ear off. When we went on this hike he was eating it up and seriously talking non stop. Kennedy just follows right along, as if she is saying don't you dare forget me.

Of course yelling and cheesing it up for the camera.

The cute family, minus the photographer (Sami)

Be careful with our Kennedy! She didn't seem scared at all. There was no chance that Cameron was going up with him.

Tyson was very proud of his ability to capture this step by step climber. She was even more proud that she made it.

Tyson hanging on for dear life.

There's our happy boy. The funnies part of the whole hike was Cameron was determined to find a lizard. But every time Papa spotted one they would run away before Cameron got there. We were really trying to be quite as to not scare them off, but it was pretty much impossible for Cameron and Kennedy. So, he didn't see a lizard until we were at Texas Roadhouse that night for dinner and right above us at the restaurant, low and behold, was a picture of a huge lizard. Cameron was so excited and kept telling us he knew we would find one. Later he say several camping.

Maybe he gets a little bit of his craziness from his mother. Oh well, got to love it!

Sometimes I Wonder

Tyson is always putting things on his head. Then low and behold in less than 24 hours apart Cameron was found doing both of these. Tyson and I couldn't help but laugh.

Easter Fun

We had such a good Easter. Of course like most holidays we probably over celebrated, but it was awesome! Cameron and Kennedy participated in several Easter Egg Hunts and Cameron was all about it!

Here we are at the resident council hunt. We also had a court hunt, MSA hunt, preschool hunt, and of course the annual hunt at my parents with the Bagwells.

Landon's Graduation