Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stanford Trip

I was lucky enough to get to tag along to with Tyson to his interview at Stanford. Our parents are AWESOME and watched our kids for the four days. It was our Anniversary and New Year's.

After church on Sunday we hurried off to Half Moon Bay to catch the tide. It was so fun to play in the huge tide pools. I loved it. Tyson had never touched a anemone. It was awesome to watch.   
Then we found crabs and waited for them to come out of their shells onto our hands. It tickled like crazy. I hurried and put mine back. Totally put it in the anemone and it sucked it up. Horrible, oops!
Later we went and walked around the campus and looked at all the cool buildings. It is a neat campus. I don't know if it was just me, but it just feels smart there. Palo Alto is so clean and nice. We really loved it! 

 That evening we went to Palo Alto main street and had dinner. The street is lined with shops and restaurants. 

On Monday we headed out across the bridge. Way cooler than I imagined. I was actually a little scared as we drove over it.

 Then, we headed to see the Redwood trees. After the nightmare parking we finally made it there. But, they were pretty cool, so so glad we made it!

 Where is Tyson?

 Then, we spent the rest of the time in San Fransisco.

 The city is so cool, crazy but cool. It was probably extra crowded because it was the honored New Years Day. But, there were people everywhere. It quickly became all about the food. We started off at a really cool breakfast place Tartine Bakery. Yummy croissants and it was the definitely the place to be.  We did the whole Lombard street, which was pretty sweet.

 Walking around the harbor and pier.

 We walked all around the shops people watched and saw all the cool things going on.

San Francisco at dusk. We followed our cousins recommendation and ate at this great Italian restaurant. Closest thing to Italian food I have had since we were actually in Italy. It totally hit the spot. 

We spent our last day at the hospital. Tyson interviewed all day and I walked around, hung out in the cafeteria, and then when the shopping areas opened I spent the day wandering. It was very peaceful and different to not have things to do and mostly no kids to listen to. Nice, but I was ready to come home. We had a long journey ahead of us. We flew into Vegas and drove back to Utah all night. We got to Tyson's parents around four in the morning. Good to be back, but exhausted!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

We spent the week Christmas with the Joneses this year. Landon and Kimi came home from Seattle, so we all moved in with Layne and Jeannine for over a week. We did so many things, bowling, swimming, temple lights (kind of), going to the temple (while Jen babysat). All being sick together. Lots of movies, girls craft day, boys went skiing, and just lots of fun. 
 The Nativity rein-acted. Jen the great wise men.
 This is the tree before Santa. Can you say spoiled.
 Cam was a great Shepard. He loved having the star his dad made when he was a sunbeam.
 Our little angel.
 New cars PJ's. 
 Little miss princess with her PJ's.
 Olivia so happy, on her first Christmas Eve.
 Cameron and Papa.

Christmas Festivities

We did so many fun things around Christmas time. I probably overload the kids with countdowns and activities, but you have to, right? We got a new train countdown (which the kids love), so we tried to do something fun everyday. One of the new traditions this year was the book, "Elf on a Shelf". The kids were all about their Elf (Garf, Cam picked it don't ask).
 Every morning Kennedy would point to it and scream. Cam was all about it too!

We made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones one day.
 I was pretty proud of our grape tree as well. It was awesome!
 We went to Festival of Trees. I love going, but it was pretty busy and the kids don't last long.

 Ward Christmas Party. I had to include this picture, because Cameron is all about singing, especially Christmas songs. As you can see he is all about it.
 Picture with Santa. Kennedy did okay, but didn't even last long enough for a picture.
Some other fun things we did that I swear we took pictures of. We made the cutest nativity gingerbread houses, story time with cookies, going to see lights, and decorating the Christmas tree. We love the holidays!