Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is awesome. I have never really been there before now and it is very pretty. They have two dollar Tuesday's in August so we went with our friends the Cummings. Cameron just loves his little friend Makayla (or as he sometimes refers to my kalya). They loved the water area with the boat. They were having a great time!!! Thanks for the invite!

Water, Water, Water

More boating and swimming. We can't get enough!!!

Tyson's cousin Cody was following behind taking pictures on the jet ski. Pretty sweet!

Me and the kids

Cameron (classic), but he is really enjoying swimming and loved to swim by himself in his star.

Kennedy in her crab blow up with Papa.

Go Cody!!!

Look at the Moomba.

Layne trying it out!

Cam loved Layne and Jeannine's jet ski. He was so brave! Tyson and I had a lot of fun on it too!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real Soccer Game

We have been wanting to go to a real game for two years. We finally made it to one on Saturday. It was such a blast. The kids were good, the seats were great, and the weather was nice.

We sat fairly close to the band and boy were the kids glad. Cameron loved the band. He had made a drum earlier in the week with mom's club and we brought it and he just beat it along with the band. Kennedy loved the flags.

Real won three to zero, it was a good game. We have been following soccer lately, so it was fun to know some of the players.

Here is cute Kennedy.

Oh, and cute Cameron.

family shot

it was so fun having Staci and Tyler join us.

Cameron enjoying his cookie and saying cheese for the camera.

We did get rained on, but it felt nice and Kennedy was very happy about it. Go Real, we hope to see you again soon!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brigham City Pool

Staci, Miley and Sheri waiting for their turn on the slide. We may of been having way too much fun. I was all about the slide.

Going down the waterslide

Staci and Cam

my mom and Kennedy

He was having so much fun!
Miley and Sheri coming down the slide.

Cousins, so cute!

Seriously Cameron loved the water slide, he had everyone go down with him.

Here they come

Just as happy as can be!

Miley and Sheri

Tyson & I enjoying time together.

Cute girl!

Also loved these two slides that he can go down by himself.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Potty Training

So, two weeks ago we just decided to start potty training Cam. It has been quite the experience,but I think we are getting closer. This is just a cute picture that we had to post. He will forever hate us for taking it, but you got to love it.