Friday, April 27, 2012

Moab Adventure

We had one of the scariest experiences in my life happen two weekends ago. I still can't believe it happened and how lucky we are. There were so many little miracles that made it not as bad as it could of been. Tyson was in a wilderness medicine class and so for the weekend they go to Moab and do some of their skill classes and such. When we heard families could go I became the ring leader and got several of the wives on board. We planned meals together and such. There ended up being five families that were hard core and did the trip. Anyway, kind of last minute due to the fact that it was probably going to rain we got my grandparents tent trailer and borrowed Tyson's parents Suzuki to take with us. (about a 4 1/2 hour drive).

We were about forty five minutes to Moab (middle of nowhere)when we got a pretty bad flat tire. I've never seen one so bad. So, we pull over and I get out out to help Tyson get the spare off the back. Then, we see smoke coming out the engine and Tyson tells me to get the kids out. This guys comes out of nowhere with his wife (the kids and I went into their car) and him and Tyson threw ours and his huge jug of water for camping on the car. Flames were underneath and smoke was everywhere. There was even a wire bar on the side of the road they used to get the hood open and threw water straight on the engine. It all happened really fast.

Luckily, we were ahead of several of our friends so after AAA got there and towed the car and trailer with Tyson back to Green River. Kennedy and I went to Moab with three guys in Tyson's class (they were so nice to take us, I had never met two of them). Cameron was fine because he got to go with the Schmidts. (apparently, he talked their hear off the whole way telling them what happened).

Our other friends the Frandsen's just happened to have a truck that they weren't towing anything on, so they hooked our tent trailer to it and pulled it to the camp site. layne and Jeannine met Tyson in Green River with our Jetta and there other car. They said by to their car we blew up and drove back home.
Here we are on the side of the road playing in rocks. All in all the kids did fine. They were scared after when we sat in the smoke smelling car. Kennedy cried when she saw the burn on the hood, so we covered it with a blanket.Cameron was scared and tired. He was so cute he asked if we could say a prayer and sing a song and he totally fell asleep for most f the time we were waiting on the side of the road.
Over all it's not an experience I would wish on anyone, but we were so lucky to be okay. The high way patrolman said that tire saved our life. We don't think it was related to the engine at all. So the fact that we were stopped and the car was off was a miracle in it self. If we were driving we could of rolled. Then, the mechanic said he has never seen a car like this not burn to the ground, so we were fortunate that way as well. We didn't loose anything inside the car, just the car it self. Unfortunately it stayed in Green River. Thank goodness to all the people that helped us and Heavenly Father watching out for us.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Clothes

We went early to church and took cute pictures of the kids outside. It as a beautiful day!

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny came to our house and totally spoiled the kids. Cameron and Kennedy thought it was hilarious that Cam's basket was hidden in the bathtub and Kennedy's was under the desk. Then, we found their hard boiled eggs that were hidden around the house.
It was a great day and after church and naps Layne, Jeannine, and Jen came over for dinner and a treasure hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt

 We had so much fun hunting for eggs this Easter. We practiced several times in the house all month, so the kids were all about it when they actually had candy in them. Like most holidays around our house we did a few hunts, but they loved them all. This is the annual one in my parents and Aunt Val's backyards.
 Kennedy was so excited when she found an egg.
 We didn't see much of Cameron because all my cousins kids (boys) were there and he was in heaven. He even ate dinner at their table. Such a big kid.

 Cameron got a ton of eggs. According to him there were thousands.
 Kennedy was very pleased to find this little bear in one of her eggs. She's even sleeping with it right now during her nap.
 Her and Grandma Ford opened all of the eggs.
 Here's part of the group of kids showing each other what they got after the hunt.
One last picture of Cameron with all of his candy.

Jen's Mission Call

 Tyson's sister got her mission call last Wednesday. See is going to Costa Rica!! We are so excited for her!!!

 Jeannine's (mom) reaction, priceless.
And the dad's reaction. You are going to be a great missionary Jen!