Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pool Party!

As most of you know Cameron has a pretty nasty case of Eczema. So last Saturday we decided to try to ease some of his itching and burning by taking a nice cool dip in Papa and Grandma Jones' community pool. Well, technically it was Cam's first time in the water (he never really gets wet at the lake much and baths just shouldn't count), so we will count it as his first time swimming. First time in the pool and we dunked the poor kid! Pretty mean...but I will blame it on his mom. Not once, not twice, but like six or seven times! She just wouldn't stop. He didn't seem to mind too much though. We also brought along his cool floating crab that he hung out in most of the time. But anyway...we are just so grateful for summer and the chance to be outside. Yes, it is freakin' hot...but I will take a hot day at the pool any time. And even Cameron enjoyed cooling off a bit. Then when we got him out he thought he was really cool in his robe and sunglasses. I don't know, he thinks he's a movie star or something. You know..."Just have your people call my people and we'll do lunch"

Stewart Falls

Cameron is now officially a hiker! Well...okay, I don't know if one hike qualifies him yet as a hiker...especially since all he did was bounce up and down in the backpack. Yeah, the backpack kind of swallows him up, but he seemed to really love it, until he spit-up all over himself because of all the bouncing. Anyway, overall I think it was a successful trip, and we had a ton of fun. Thanks Nate and Amy for accompanying us on our little adventure.
Stewart Falls is located just above Sundance, in Provo Canyon. It is a fairly gentle hike that only takes about 2.5 hours round trip. But it was just perfect for all of us. You hike along the side of the mountain on a nice trail that weaves through a couple meadows and then sneaks through some heavy forest.
We saw tons of cool yellow flowers like these.
And we had a great picnic just below the falls. (Although, it was evening and the sun was going down, so we didn't hang around too long...mosquitoes! and Cam's cold toes!)
Anyway, it was really pretty and we had a ton of fun. I would recommend this hike to anyone...especially if you are like us, and hike about once a year!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Boat Ride

For father's day we went up to Brigham to celebrate. It was a good weekend. On Monday we went out on the lake all day. The Moomba is a sweet ride. We were all so comfortable. Everyone boarded (except for the Moomba queen, my mom). The water was still a little on the chilly side, but we had loads of fun. As you can see Cameron was all decked out and just thrilled about the whole experience. He actually just chilled on the boat. Those life jackets are like strait jackets. Jaxon enjoyed the water a little more than Cameron.

Welcome Cohen

Steve and Allison had there baby boy 7 lbs 9oz, Cohen Spencer Tiek on June 16th. He is just such a cutie. We haven't taken any of our own pictures of him, but here is all of us cheering on the Moomba when we found out he was born.

Ben's Birthday on June 16th

Happy Birthday Ben!!! I thought this picture was classic.

Father's Day

I thought it would be really cute to get Tyson and Cameron matching ties for Father's Day. So I did. And it was cute. I even made the rest of their outfits match. So fun! Thanks for being a good sport Tyson. You are a wonderful husband and father!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

World Travelers

We had a great time in Italy. Thanks Layne and Jeannine. We flew into Munich, Germany. Tyson's buddy served his mission in Italy so he hooked us up with his Italian friend Gionathan. He drove us around in a rented van along with his girlfriend Melina. We were so grateful we had him on the trip. Anyway, back to the trip. We spend the morning in Dachau at the first Nazi internment camp. It was very interesting to see, but just a touch on the depressing side. Then, we went over to Salzburg, Austria. It was beautiful. I was excited to learn it was where the Sound of Music was filmed and the birthplace of Mozart. Then we drove through the Alps as we headed to Venice. We loved Venice. We stayed in an apartment there right in the heart of Venice. Then we headed off to our next destination. We went to Florence. We went and saw the David by Michaelangelo. After the rain in Florence we headed to the Amalfi coast. On our way we stopped by Pisa. We were all surprised by how much we liked Pisa. It was very cool. In the slide show you can see our cool pictures trying to push it back up, or in Layne and Jeannine's case pushing it over. The Amalfi coast was probably my favorite part of the trip, well it's hard to say. But, it is stunning. We stayed in a castle and I felt like a princess. We even went swimming in the Meditterreanen Sea After paradise we spent the rest of the time in Rome . We stayed right outside the Vatican. We even saw the Pope. I could go on and on. I'll just saw we had a great time and if anybody is going to Italy soon I would love to share more. Oh, I also love gelato.
Here is a slide show of our favorite pictures.


We (or I broke down and let Tyson buy it so he would stop looking at them on the internet) and bought the camera. Tyson absolutely loves it. We got it right before we left for Italy. If I didn't think he loved it before I was convinced on the trip. He took over 1,000 pictures. So, don't worry some of them are coming. Be excited!!!