Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is Coming

We have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas and talking to Cameron about it! He loves Christmas, Baby Jesus, Santa, Reindeer's, you name it!
We went to the festival of the trees last week and he actually sat with Santa. I was shocked. he was all about it because he wanted the candy, but he wouldn't look at the camera.

We also decorated our tree last Monday, and Cameron was such a good helper.

Friday, December 4, 2009


We have so much to be grateful for. Especially our family. We had a pretty crazy holiday break trying to squeeze in both families, with each side. We did it though. It started off by Jeannine's side getting together in the morning. I finally got to meet Uncle Ralph and we had a good time.
That afternoon my dad's sad reserved a church and we all got together. (almost 60 of us)!

The little kids loved all the toys in the cultural hall. Here is Cohen and Cam riding on the boat together. My Uncle Marty also brought ping pong and some other games for the big kids.

Most of the girls were in beading, thanks to Jenn.

Miley is just too cute not to mention!

Here's my mom, Sheri and Staci.

Then my mom, Sheri, Staci and I hit the stores early Friday morning. It was a blast. We thought everything was funny! Then, at six-thirty we headed to Idaho for the day with the Jones side. We celebrated Christmas with them.

The much needed four generation picture. Papa, Layne, Tyson, and Cam

Cam and Landon just had a great time playing together.

Cam had to go see Uncle Mike feed the cows!

Brett and Kristin got Cam and Kennedy the cutest BYU outfits! Thanks again!

Saturday I got to see my mom's side in Brigham while Tyson went to the BYU vs. Utah football game. We finally made it back home on Sunday in time for the third hour of church. Crazy, but fun!

Tyson's Birthday

Tyson turned the big 26! Last month November 21st. We love him so much!
Cameron and I made this sign for him to wake up to Saturday morning. It hung up in our living room for way to long.

The festivities started the night before with dinner with my parents and the Utah State vs. Boise State Football Game. Then our friends scored us tickets to the BYU vs. Air Force game the next day. So more football!!

Here's a family shot!


Loves Football (for the first half at least)

Then we went to dinner with Tyson's family at the traditional spaghetti factory. Here's Jenn.

Tyson with his proud flag and Office Season 5.

Landon and Kimmy also joined us for dinner.
All and all I think it was a great celebration, we ended it with brownies, ice cream ,and friends!!!
Happy Birthday Honey!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trip to California

So Cam and I flew to California to stay with the Weddle's. We had such a good time!

On Saturday we went to the near by mall and rode the train around. (Chanel, Brooklyn, and Gaige)

Brooklyn being so very cute!

Here's Chanel with Gaige.

Cam and I. He just loves trains and thought this was the best idea ever.

Then we took them to the pet store in the mall. Also a big hit!

We painted with pudding. By we I mean Brooklyn and I. This is probably the longest Cameron sat down. It was a great idea and Brooklyn really enjoyed it.

The cute kids on the chair watching Barney.

Here we are all playing ring around the rosie. It was one of their favorite things to do. Chloe even participated. Cameron was all about Chloe and kept asking her, "what are you doing?" It was quite comical.

Chanel had this colored sugar cookie dough that we played with.

Here is Cameron's blue tongue to prove that the dough tasted good.

We were singing songs after we made our cookies.

Of course it wouldn't be a California trip with out seeing the Ward's. So her is cute cousin Miley eating rice cereal. Ben, Sheri, and Miley came out to Chanel's Sunday night and then Sheri and Miley hung out with us until Tuesday. So fun!!

Here's Miley again in her car seat.

Hi Brooklyn. Everytime she saw me she would say, "Hi Sami"

On Tuesday we all invaded Chanel's ward playgroup. My cousin Holly and Owen came out to join us. It was so fun to see them. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. Owen and Cam were loving playing together.

Oh Cousins!! Precious!!

They had many meals together!

They would each go in one side and meet in the middle and just fall over and laugh. It was pretty entertaining!

Here's cute Miley!

Cameron loved Brooklyn's tunnel.

Thanks again Chanel! We had such a good time! Can't wait until next time!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

We had such a great Halloween. It was basically all week long. Well even all month long. It started with a trip to the pumpkin patch with my parents and then the Tiek's.

They had a pit full of corn. Cam thought it was great!!

Such a cutie!

Loving the pumpkins!

Miley surprised us for Halloween and we tried to get pictures with her and Cam, but it wasn't happening.

East Village Party. Where Cameron was so excited to see all the kids dressed up. He followed this little girl around that was dressed as Donald Duck the while night. He seriously talked about her for two days. So funny!!

The ward trunk or treat party. (which was freezing, but fun!)

Tyson was such a good sport to be the man in the Yellow Hat, and I was a zoo keeper.

Then Halloween Day my parents came down and Staci and Tyler and we all went trick or treating at the Foothill Village. It was a great time!!

That evening we went down to Tyson's parents and knocked on a few doors and had some delicious chili. We had so much fun. We can't wait for next year. Until then. Happy Halloween!!!

Landon and Kimmy going as themselves JK (nerd Alert!)

Silly Papa

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute Fall Pictures

Cameron loved the farm so much that we had to go with his dad. Tyson had a big exam Monday, so to celebrate we went to wheeler farm after and took cute pictures. We love taking pictures there, we got some really cute ones.

Here's our cute boy

He loves tractors.

This is him saying cheese. It was too funny to not post.

great face

Gotta love the tongue!

He kept telling the ducks food, food, and was so in to it!

Daddy and cam with the ducks