Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween! our pumpkins aren't as cool as Tyson and Sami's but we did our best. I think we spent more time throwing pumkin guts at each other than actually carving them. It was the funnest Halloween activity we did!!! I never finished carving mine. :( bummer.


My friends and I asked some guys from our ward to the He Haw preference dance with T-shirts. We wrote random names on the back with washable markers and our names in permanent markers. The guys had to wash the shirts to see who asked them. This is a picture of how we asked and another picture of how they answered. They got 3,000 pieces of white paper and taped them together to form a "Yes" on the mountain next to the BYU "Y". It was the coolest thing ever and we were in the BYU and Provo newspaper.