Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ok, One More Video

A little excited Tyson has video on his new phone. This is when we got to the Joneses on Halloween.

One more part of the Halloween fun

My dad's band was playing in Brigham City for their first annual witches night, so we went up and crashed the party. As seen in the video we had a great time.


We didn't mess around for Halloween. We literally had a count down and tried to do something Halloween related everyday is October. We decorated our windows, put up decorations, made spider webs, went to pumpkin patches, carved pumpkins, read lots of Halloween stories (new favorite Goodnight Goon), frosted haunted houses, played ghosts, pretended we were witches on broomsticks, and went to Gardner Village.
 Cameron and Kennedy loved seeing the witches especially playing baseball.
We went to several Halloween parties. The first party to kick it off was the one in our neighborhood. Here is Cameron and Kennedy with some of their friends.

 Oh, and we painted mason cars to become jack-o-lanterns.

 The next party was the first annual medical school party. Here is Lightning McQueen (Cameron). His box makes the costume. Good thing his dad is a perfectionist and found something to do with his recent time off. He did a great job and Cameron loved it. He even commented, "everybody loves my costume"

 Here is our adorable Minnie Mouse. She just looked so cute!!!

 Later that week we went to the preschool party. Cameron has loved going to preschool and it was fun for all the siblings to come and have Halloween Party!!! They ate Halloween food, played BINGO (GHOST), did a cake walk, bobbed for apples, and ate donuts on string.
 Now, to the actual day of Halloween. we love trick or treating at the local shopping center, we have done it ever year we have lived here.

 It was fun to have Gavin and the Harris family join us in the fun.
 The adult went with a Winnie the Pooh theme to march the Disney thing going on. Tyson was Christopher Robin and I was Piglet.
 Tyson's parents are awesome and dressed up. We headed down there after the shops to have dinner and trick or treat around the neighborhood. If you can't tell Layne was Eeyore and Jeannine was Tigger.
 Grandma Stansfield was also their to join in on the Halloween fun.
Lastly, our family picture.

Hogle Zoo

 Tyson's grandparents came down from Idaho on a nice sunny day, so we headed to the zoo.
 Tyson loved that he got this picture with out them knowing. Like father like son.
 They do love their Papa Papa and Gamie.
 So do we!

Had to include this one with the nose pick, classic. We had so much fun at the zoo that day. Thanks again for coming down.