Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Many Visitors

Proud Gramps (my dad)

Grandma Fran (my mom)

Another happy grandma (Tyson's mom)
Papa (Tyson's dad)

Aunt Staci


Landon and Kimi

Aunt Jen

Uncle Landon and Aunt Jen

Great Grandma Rollins

And thanks to all the others that have come visit, we just didn't get pictures of everyone. Kennedy is so loved!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home from the Hospital

More Pictures of baby Kennedy

Daddy and his little girl!

Hanging out in the swing, she is just so precious.

more swing shots!

Cam was excited to push her, that's about as excited he has been about her.

This was just for a split second, but we caught it! CUTE

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy is here! Hooray, we are so excited to have her. Mother and Baby are both doing great and can't wait to get home!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Look Who is 2!!!

I can't believe Cameron is really two years old. We just love him so much and can't imagine life with out him. We had a fun birthday celebration at my parents house. (thanks for all who came). He may have been asleep for the beginning and taken awhile to wake up, but once he did he had a fun time. Thanks to everyone who came.

We made monkey cupcakes, so cute!!

More presents!

Sheri and Staci showing us how to use the stick horses.

Loves his basketball hoop.

Blowing out his candels.

Of course we played pin the tail on the donkey!

Gramps got into it!

And there is the Birthday Boy!!

Brigham City Snow

One day in Brigham we went out and played in the snow in the backyard!!

Here he is all decked out in big boy gloves since his weren't keeping his hands warm.

Daddy built him a cool fort with a tunnel and they stayed out there and played in it forever.

He loved crawling in and out.

Here they are again!

Fun in the Snow

Cam got a sled for Christmas (might of tried it out early) and was loving playing in the snow.

Cam and I in the trees!

Such a happy boy!

Ready, set, Go!!

On the sled with Papa.

Here they go again!

He was all about climbing up himself.

He sure had fun with aunt Jen.

Trying to make snowballs.

Loving it!!

Here I am Christmas morning with all our new things.

Here is Layne and Jeannine

Cam was so excited about everything, but especially his train set from Papa and Grandma.

That evening we headed up to Brigham and did Christmas again. Cam was in heaven. He is so spoiled.

As you can see he loves his new table and diggers from Gramps and Grandma. It was such a fun Christmas!!!