Monday, September 27, 2010

Silver Lake with Friends

Our Big Boy

 Cameron has been going to preschool twice a week with some of the neighborhood kids and the mom's rotate teaching. He got this new Thomas backpack from his grandparents and he just looks too grown up. He has been learning a lot at preschool and for the most part enjoys going.

Family Night Hike

Red Butte Gardens

 they we having a health fair at Red Butte Gardens and Curious George was there, so Sheri, Miley and several of our neighborhood friends went. The kids loved it!
 They have this fun maze that Cameron didn't want to leave.
 Miley in the pretty flowers.
 Most of the kids got soaked in the fountains, but Cameron and Miley stayed clear, which I was grateful for.
 Joy and Anna enjoying the fun.
 Little Miss Kennedy, too cute!
 Cameron and Makayla on the statue iguanas.
 Miley loved this little chair in the hut.
Cool picture of Cameron following Makayla through the gardens.

Bowling Fun

Two weeks ago on Tyson's day off we went bowling. Cameron and Kennedy loved it. Cameron loved it so much he took all of Tyson and my turns as well. It was a lot of fun!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


It was so much fun to have Miley and Sheri here to visit. We love when they come to see us.

Peach Days 2010

In my family peach days is a pretty big deal. My cousin and sister drove up from california to participate in the festivities. We go boating, look for mullets, enjoy the parade, get together at grandma and grandpa's, do the craft booths, the car show, and then enjoy a big dinner with peach cheese cake. It is pretty much awesome. It was sad this year because Tyson had to work. He was seriously so bummed, we missed him a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures, maybe the whole two kids thing, but we had a good time. Until next year!
 Cameron and Kelsey. ever since the fourth of July these two our buddies. It is so cute.
 Gramps during the parade, chillin on his four wheeler. This is before he joined the belly dancers and stood up and did a little dance. Only my dad. Yikes!
 My dad and Kennedy
 Mommy and daughter.
 Grandma and Kennedy
 Grandma Ford, Grandma and Kennedy enjoying the peach day party.
 Sweet little girl.
 Great picture of Staci and Emme on the lawn.
Loved this one of Miley with her sucker.