Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cameron's Third Birthday

He is just getting so big. We look at him and think were has the time gone. Cameron pretty much rules our lives. He has lots to say and lots of ideas. He is into lots of things right now but some of his favorites:
of course trains
the color green
tools/Handy Manny/cranes/cars/trucks
playing outside
toy story
robin hood
Little Einsteins
going places/anywhere really
playing with friends
Cameron loves to have people over and tell them about what he has been doing. He loves giving Kennedy kisses. He is always telling Kennedy, "no, Ken" when she comes near his toys, but he loves having her around. They giggle and play together. They are especially crazy in the bathtub. We are always laughing at the things Cameron comes up with. Actually is one of his favorite words. Anyway, we couldn't ask for a better boy (most of the time). He is so sweet and always wants to please others. We love you Cameron!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Temple Square

We went to Temple Square with the Baldwin's. It was crowded and the kids didn't last very long, but it was so good to see them. I think we had more fun at the house just hanging out. We'll plan on it again for next year.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowmobiling Experience

So, it was way last minute. But, we went snowmobiling with our friends the Schmidts. They have made it so the one can carry kids, so the three littlest were inside and Cameron and Abbey rode on the mobiles. Well we kind of chose the coldest day ever. Most things that could go wrong did, the one ran out of gas, the other one overheated, it got dark and we had to go home in the dark, but the worst part was Jon spent the night in the ER for carbon monoxide poisoning. We still had a good time. Thanks for the invite.

family shot

Cameron and Abbey

Jon stasting the one outside the cabin. Luckily we had a place to stay and had brought food for the kids while the boys ran to a gas station.


5 Years Ago on December 30th

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun in Brigham

Attempt at a family picture after church.

Tried to get all three of them in their new clothes from Grandma and Gramps.

Yeah for snow!

Cameron pulling his sled around.

Miley and Sheri.

Me and Kennedy.

Cute little girl.

There she is!



Thanks daddy!!!

Oh matching cousins.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't know who was more excited for Christmas this year, us or the kids. It was really fun to have Cameron be so into it this year. He had been gearing up for it all month. As if we hadn't already been spoiled enough, Christmas was once again present over load. It was mess everywhere, but a ton of fun. It was great having my whole family there. Merry Christmas!!!

By the tree with all the tons of presents.

Before they came out.

Miley loving it!

Staci also enjoying Miley's new present.

Christmas afternoon we headed over to the church for the big Rollins get together. We had another delicious meal, played and practiced for the talent show. Most of the girls did this pretty awesome synchronize swimming routine with the help of Ryan and Jennifer. We didn't get many pictures.

Here is Kenny and Lola

My dad also performed a bread song on his guitar. It was very good. Lots of other good talent. We had a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve with the Ford's

My mom's side of the family all get together for Christmas Eve. We have gotten to big for Grandma's house, so we had it at the church this year. We had a nice dinner and then our great talent show.

Staci and Megan.

Tyson and Kennedy having fun.

Right in the middle of the talent show Santa showed up.

Miley was so funny about Santa. She loves him and talks about him. She even carried this Santa doll around my parent's house all week. But, when you ask about him she just says scary. So here is her reaction to sitting with him.

Cameron did a great job of saying just what he wanted in the micro phone.

Kennedy not loving it. Actually hated it.

All the kids singing to Santa. Several of them aren't up there, but this is most of them.

Cam thrilled after he performed Ruldolph for his talent. Ben also did a talent, my mom was the MC (with her jokes), and Sheri and Staci dusted off their flutes and threw something together. It is a good time had by all.

Kellon, Kaleb, and Alana's dance was pretty awesome.

Oh, Staci and Tyler.

Cute Cam and Kennedy in their matching Christmas Eve PJ's. Miley matched too, but we didn't get a picture.

And we got some too. So did the boys, but no pic for them.

Stansfield's Christmas Party

We had the little kids dress up as the nativity. Kennedy was such a cute Mary.

We always do a dollar gift exchange where you pass the presents left or right according to the story. Cameron was loving being between Josh and Colin (his friends as he refers to them). He thought he was one of the big boys.

Cam was the lucky one, He won the hairy chest (thanks Jessica).

More of cute Kennedy.

Cameron was Joseph.

Gavin as the angel.

Ryan the wise man.

Christmas at the Joneses

We started off the weekend with the kids opening this present to stay and Grandma and Papa's. Cameron and Kennedy were so thrilled. Cam had seen it at Costco before, so of course he said this is just what I told them I wanted. He played there most of the weekend. He even said that Kennedy could play with the trees.

We did a little sledding in the backyard.

And made this awesome snowman!

Tyson being goofy. This is what happens when he is on break.
Family Shot

Cameron loving life.

We also did a sub for Santa and i couldn't pass up posting this picture of Landon. Too funny!

This is the best picture we got of Kennedy. She was just busy, busy, busy. She could just since the excitemnt and loved it.

We all were way to spoiled and had a great Christmas.

The girls in our new aprons.

Modeling our sweet new vests.

Got to love the knew PJ's.