Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We spent Easter weekend in Brigham City with the fam. Saturday we had a Easter egg hunt (118 eggs). Tyler and Ben were fighting over eggs to get the grand prize. Cam found like one egg opened it and was satisfied. He just got scarred when we yelled go and everyone was running.

Counting our eggs after the hunt.

Then that night we dyed eggs. Then we got our baskets in the morning and went to church in our Sunday best.

Easter morning after he found his egg with his name on it. He was kind of a grump because he wasn't feeling good (hence the pacifier still in)

The Easter bunny got him a golf set. Everytime he hit the ball we cheered.

Just goes to show how fun Cam was being. He really wasn't himself. But, he is getting better. Just very tired.

Tyler & Staci

Ben & Sheri (and baby)