Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boating for Staci's Birthday

Here is the birthday girl.

Grandma and Cameron hanging out on the boat.

She did it!!!

Thanks for the great day on the boat, Dad!

Daddy-o got Cameron in the water for a few minutes.

Kennedy also went for a swim with her daddy.

Kennedy just loves her aunt Kimi.

Let's go surfing now!

Great falling picture, sorry Kimi I had to post it.

Landon was Joe-Pro

I just love the concentration on his face.

Tyson still has all of us beat by a long shot.

Tyson started doing a back flip after he crashed and Landon and Kimi had to do it too.

Tyler rode in as the sun was setting, good day on the boat.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm 6 months/Rice Cereal

Kennedy turned 6 months on the 12th. These pictures were taken a few days later, but she pretty much looks the same. She is just so much fun. We couldn't imagine life with out her. Here are her stats from her doctors appointment.
Weight: 15.96 lbs 49%
Height: 24.5 in 31%
Head Circumference: 16.75 in 53%

She may have a little bit of thunder thighs, but she is just oh so cute!!!

She was so excited to be up in the chair more than anything. She thinks she is so big!

Not to sure about it, but was still okay with it!

This one is just too cute!

Get me!!
We have since tried carrots and her faces are priceless, but she is not a fan. She will eat sweet potatoes mixed with rice cereal.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Idaho Papa and Grandma's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Here they are, Papa and Grandma Jones. 60 years of marriage and still going strong.

Uncle Mike, Aunt Shelley, and Baby Landon. Aunt Shelley put on quite the party, everyone had a good time.

Cameron had to wear the hat too!

Uncle Landon and Kennedy


This one is just too cute. I see a little bit of my sister Sheri in this picture, it's weird.

Papa and Cameron (plus Jordan in the background)

Baby Landon and Cam loved looking at Uncle Mike's cows.

Landon is so cute.

They took a break from the rocks and cows to play in the trees.

back to the rocks

Fourth of July on B.C

We just love the fourth of July. This year was extra special because my best friend and her family came up to share in the festivities as well ad the Hull's and Donette. So it was pretty much a party weekend.

We started off the weekend with the Honeyville 5K run. It was very last minute, like the day before we decided to do it. It was all about team ACE. My dad sponsored us and we wore his shirts. Tyson was such a trooper and pushed the kids in the gravel in the stroller. It was a lot of fun I never thought I would run a 5k with my dad.

His face in this one is priceless. I'm not sure if it is surprised, scared, or excited.

Brooklyn got in on the fun. It was so cute, they took turns and while one went they watched on the step and then switched. Owen got in on it the next day, but we didn't have the camera out.

Don't mess with him playing baseball, this is serious.

Cameron ran and ran and ran, we recuperated from this weekend of long days and late nights for almost a week.

This is what we did most of the weekend, play outside.

Tyler was by far the best one to watch playing baseball, he was pretty hard core. Oh how we love Tyler.

The boys were having a great time playing water baseball.

This is a great action shot of Staci.

mommy and Kennedy on the fourth after church.

Crazy girl!

Daddy and Daughter

Oh, how Cameron loves the rocks at Val's house. (or Roxie's house as he refers to it, their cat's name)


Sheri got a hold of the camera, but it was too cute not to post.

Brooklyn giving Miley big hugs.

Cameron and Brooklyn

Cameron had no fear about the sparklers. He was all about it. I was very surprised.

Nothing like Tyler's dance moves, especially the toe kick!

Eric got a ton of fire works and some crazy ones from my Grandpa so we put on quite the show! We are lucky no one got hurt badly and we all had a good time.