Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute Fall Pictures

Cameron loved the farm so much that we had to go with his dad. Tyson had a big exam Monday, so to celebrate we went to wheeler farm after and took cute pictures. We love taking pictures there, we got some really cute ones.

Here's our cute boy

He loves tractors.

This is him saying cheese. It was too funny to not post.

great face

Gotta love the tongue!

He kept telling the ducks food, food, and was so in to it!

Daddy and cam with the ducks

MSA Wheeler Farm

We went to wheeler farm with MSA (medical spouse association) Playgroup and had such a good time!!!

Here is all the kids: Ben, Abby, Cam, Hannah, Daniel, and John.

Cameron and Hannah have become quite the little buddies. They love playing together. This is right after they were feeding the ducks. They both started to get a little scared, so we moved to the benches. Cameron proceeded to eat his bread.